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What our clients say!


Thank you. You have made me see that I can do things even if I'm afraid. Releasing the burden is the right decision. Your message has come at the right time. Thanks again x Stephanie


Had a quick card reading this evening which was absolutely SPOT ON for the day I have had today in particular. Lovely lady who is very organised and caring :) xx Pam Adams


I had a reading today and it was spot on! I always have ideas in my head and I should focus on one! Thank you very much for the reading and guidance! xx Bev White


just had a reading off you and i am so thankful, you have made my mind up now as you are not the only one to tell me the same thing so thank you :)xx Lisa Sykes


Spot on suzi, highly recommended. I had the reading with a 50/50 mind!! Pleased I did. Now to deal with guidance given. Thanks Caroline Owen


I wouldn't hesitate in contacting Suzie. She has always been extremely accurate in all that she conveys and has a true gift which she should be very proud of. Her easy manner and dedicated professionalism means that she gets straight to the root of the issue, this speaks volumes about her ability. Her amazing insight has been invaluable to me. Kate Fielding


"I’ve been coming to Suzi since January when I felt I really needed some help emotionally after a miscarriage. I have been trying to get pregnant for a few years now and so the pregnancy and then miscarriage was a bit of a surprise. Suzi has helped me keep my anxiety levels down and keep positive. I have found the reiki really relaxing and it has made me more aware of myself and how I am feeling. Suzi has been really good at chatting through any blockages she has found and giving me some very handy tips! At times it has been quite an eye opener as being a person who tends to bottle things up, Suzi was able to pick up on these emotions from reiki and help me find ways to overcome them. Suzi has a lovely way about her and is easy to connect with. I come back for monthly top ups and would highly recommend her!"

Mrs Thomas (Tenterden)



WOW spot on - to the hilt !! Amazing validations, sooo true !! I was gob-smacked at the amount of information you gave me - predictions are incredible !! Thank you, you gave me such positivity - and upliftment. Thanks again, Evie xx

Evie (39), South East


Thank You

Suzi was great person talk to & i was feeling very down she help me make some decision about my future pick up accurate things around me . she was down to earth thank you very much for reading

nargas (30), Nottingham


 I had a phone reading yesterday and my problems were picked up straight away. great lady. will update on how things pan out over the next few weeks  Ronnie Wood.


Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday i do feel more focused.  Catherine.


Thank you so much for my phone reading today. I was very excited to have won a free reading from you. You picked up a lot of things that are happening around me, and have helped me to feel very positive about the future. I appreciated the private help you gave me regarding a particular problem I have also. I feel confident in making decisions now, and trust what you have told me as you gave me many validations.

I am sure I will speak to you in the future, and would recommend you to any of my friends.

You are a lovely lady, with a special gift. x


Brilliant! Thank you Suzi for a brilliant reading. Very accurate on what you picked up on around me, even though the situation is a very complexed spiritual one. You are compassionate, you are accurate and I did get the validations I needed.


Suzie, thank you so much for all the time and effort that you ALWAYS put into our readings. You always calm me and the accuracy is amazing. You give me faith and hope xx


Hi suzi,had a reading today,13/9/12,my second with you this yr spot on with details about my situation. would recommend,suzi is excellent. thanks so much! Anna x

Anna, Manchester



Suzie, thank you so much for all the time and effort that you ALWAYS put into our readings. You always calm me and the accuracy is amazing. You give me faith and hope xx


Hi suzi,had a reading today,13/9/12,my second with you this yr spot on with details about my situation. would recommend,suzi is excellent. thanks so much! Anna x

Anna, Manchester



Decided to go with Suzi tonight, and I am very happy I did. Brilliant reading, very accurate and will be using Suzi again in the future. I would 110% recommend Suzi to anyone that has readings regularly or is looking for their first reading.

Kieran (23), Crawley


Amazing Suzi


Thank you for my reading this evening 11/05/12. Very accurate and spot on with current situation. Can't wait for the predictions to come to fruition! Recommend a reading with this lovely lady. Thank you again Suzi xx




Suzi is a great empath. she was able to pick up on areas which were concerning me without having to say a word. i was amazed how accurate her descriptions were of people in my life. She was very sensitive and handled conveying difficult information in a truly sympathetic way. I found Suzi to be very calming and yet the reading was very focused and sincere, she still managed to impart some light-hearted playful messages.

Barbara (44), Kent


I have had Suzi read for me a few times and each time she has read accurately and sympathetically. She has been able to read my moods and emotions well and certainly made me feel better once the reading has been done. I will continue to have Suzi read for me.

Rachel (31), Kent


I think her description is accurate and fair, she came across as very sincere to me.

She successfully clarified the most confusing time in my life... she gave me all the guidance and information I needed (out of very little info) and confirmed everything I needed her to? Spectacular woman! I'm really grateful as my reading was very personal and I've been unable to share all this with anyone before - she didn't need me to explain a thing! She described my present / past and future without any trouble.

L (23), West Midlands


Great reading, very helpful and insightful picked up on me and the person in question very well! X

T (24), London


Thank you

I was feeling very low when I chose to call Suzi for a reading. How glad I am that I chose Suzi. She picked up exactly how I was feeling and gave me some really great advice on how I can move forward. I really do feel that I can improve lots of areas of my life now. Suzi also gave me some good validations - she spoke about a holiday in Aug/Sept which hadn't been booked yet - little did she know that I've already planned to take time off work in the last week of August and first week in Sept but haven't booked anything yet !! Suzi left me feeling so much more settled and positive. Thank you so much, Suzi, for your friendly, open and honest manner and for helping give me the strength to take the next steps. I hope I can call you in a few months to tell you the outcome. God bless x




Amazing validations, spot on in picking up all going around me. Predictions were incredibley accurate. You wont be disappointed at all!!! there is no way you could have known what you did without having your amazing abilities and gifts. Thank you xx Evie

Evie (39)


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