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free ebook

Return to Source takes a short and eye-opening journey through the creation myths of ancient peoples from around the world and some of the most famous sacred texts, to uncover remarkable similarities.


Together they reveal a process of life and creation which is timeless, ever-present, and found in the very fabric of the universe – and one that is intrinsically connected to the return of consciousness to the source of creation, to enlightenment.


It explores how the reintegration with divinity can be achieved within human life, and how the natural world is spiritual in its root, where everything is ultimately connected – creating an environment that allows beings to find their way back to the divine source.

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Out-of-Body Experiences & Lucid Dreaming for Spiritual Knowledge  Free eBook

The Astral Codex is a comprehensive and enthralling guide to what out-of-body experiences are, what to see and do in the astral plane from a spiritual point of view, and how astral travel fits into the structure of life. It is a must have for anyone interested in using astral travel for their own personal spiritual growth.

From over 25 years of extensive experience in astral projection and spirituality, Belsebuub shows how to consciously harness and use the natural connection each of us have to other dimensions for our own personal learning and journey through eternity.


Discover how to remember your dreams, learn about the process of leaving the body, overcome common obstacles to having OBEs, and use astral travel to seek out incredible knowledge about existence beyond the five senses just as mystics have throughout time.

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